Let's Lugaw

You think I'm hot so bakit hindi?

Let’s get cozy. Let’s get moist. Let’s grind together pa more. Because Vigi is more than a team. I’m a multifaceted, multicultural + multidiscipline commune peopled by all flavors of managers, partners, creatives + creative managing partners, from the whimsical + witty to the serious + studious. Who employ multiple modular methodologies to tackle a multitude of day-to-day challenges, blending science with art + business savvy with our human side. That’s the epic awesomesauce of diversity in design — whoever you are, whatever you do, I’ve got a place in my ♥ for you.




"Cultural Nomad"






"I'm an Artiste
& this is my day job"



Let's Lugaw

Look for "Roselle" 0917-583-0523


I want to make you rich

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I want to be your slave

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You're so galing! We're inviting you

Wanna cuddle?

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Minimalist to the Max

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